Keep Her Cool Tee

Keep Her Cool Tee

The planet's getting hotter, there's no doubt about it. The solutions are complex but the message is simple. It's cool to give a shit!The Keep Her Cool Tee is a classic fit that's a bit lighterweight.


We care about who makes our clothes. This tee was made ethically in a Fairtrade certified factory in Tamil Nadu in India from creamy 100% organic cotton, which was hand-picked and grown utilising low impact farming. Read more about where this tee was made here.


A premium is paid for this tee, helping to pay a living wage for the workers that made it Tamil Nadu in India. Read more about the living wage project here.

  • An estimated 70% of the carbon emissions created during the life of a typical cotton t-shirt are due to washing and drying. Care for the environment when caring for this tee.


    We recommend pairing this tee with a Cora Ball to both catch any microfibers released in washing and increase the longevity of your clothes. Check it out here.


    • Wash with cold water
    • Only wash it when you need to
    • Hang dry, don't you dare use the tumble drier
    • Repair and mend it
    • If you don't want it anymore recycle/donate it