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It's been a while...

Updated: Jul 6, 2020


If you’re reading this thanks heaps, you’re a legend! Cheers for being curious enough to see what I’m up to.

We’re coming back soon… here’s what's been happening.

First and foremost if you don’t know me personally my name’s Ben - nice to meet you!

If you’ve been following Baroku you have probably noticed (or not noticed) that the last post on social media was a full year ago. No, I haven't sold my beloved screen printing press, I was pretty busy doing some travelling and living. I wasn’t loving and feeling inspired by what I was doing. Sure, I, like many other businesses claimed to be ‘sustainable’, but how much was I REALLY doing for the environment (the short answer is not a whole heap).

So what’s changed?

I've been super lucky to chat to some awesome people in all parts of the fashion industry, and I’ve been doing a fair bit of my own research. A lot of time has gone into how I can reduce the environmental impact of Baroku, and also use it as a platform for the community to create change. I’m super excited to share what I’ve come up with.

The more research I’ve done, the more I’ve learnt that sustainability doesn’t come easy. It’s not a term that should be used as a marketing tool, and it’s certainly not a true reflection of many ‘eco-friendly’ businesses (basically, with a few exceptions, it’s bulls**t). I now understand that it’s quite a huge claim, however, it’s something that I’m fully committed to work towards - being environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. This can be pretty tough to achieve sometimes being so small at the moment, but I’m doing my best and have clear goals that I’ll share soon.

My core values or interests haven't changed. I've just come to realise how big of a problem the environmental crisis that we face is, and it's been really eye-opening to learn about how the fashion industry is contributing to it. Because of this, my goal is to provide genuine environmentally conscious clothes and tools so that everyone can chip in and do their part for the planet. I’m so keen to create a community of people who together can make a legitimate change in the world.

And what’s next?

We’ve got a new look and feel that I’m pretty stoked to be sharing with everyone soon, I’m re-designing pretty much everything! I'll be sharing what Baroku is doing to work towards sustainability soon, so keep updated on the socials or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest. If you subscribe we’ll plant a tree (it’s a win-win really) - a little taster of things to come!

A little side note - It’s been a super weird time which has affected everyone in different ways, and if you’re reading this and don’t know me personally or we haven’t spoken in a while, I hope you’ve been staying physically and mentally healthy :) Stay safe!

In the meanwhile, I have a bit of stock left over from my first launch that I’m not letting go to waste, if you need a shirt or want to support what I’m doing I’ll be putting everything on sale. I understand this is a little bit against what I’m trying to achieve with promoting conscious consumerism and moving away from fast fashion, but it'd be more wasteful to chuck them out, hope you understand!

If you have any questions or just want to have a chat chuck me an email at or slide into the DM's of @baroku_ on Instagram or Facebook, I'd love you to!

Thanks heaps,

- Ben at Baroku.


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