Baroku was originally founded in 1967 by my Pa and two of his mates who shaped surfboards out of a Sunshine backyard. The name was created by taking the first two letters of each one of their last names, combined into one name "Baroku". They stencilled the name in Japanese style font onto the boards that were just sold to their mates. Single finned with no leggy, they were shaped for a bit of fun. 


This is me. My name’s Ben and I'm from Victoria, Australia. I have a love for nature and all activities associated with it. This is how I started to become interested in sustainability - to protect our natural world for future generations. I now get that true sustainability is achieved at the intersection of all three aspects of sustainability (people, planet and profits), and because of this, I ultimately want to see a world where our lives aren't at the cost of the environment and others in our global community.


​In 2016 I created Baroku simply for fun, a clothing business that aligned with who I was and my passions. I couldn't think of a better name than “Baroku”, a name to me that represents doing something that you love.

Over time the business has evolved, and at the start of 2020 I had a bit of a realisation, what difference am I really making in the world? The answer was a whole lotta not much.

This concept evolved and my passion grew to the point where I was on a mission to create the most sustainable clothing business that I possibly could. Baroku was given a new life.​

This mission is constantly evolving as I believe being sustainably-minded is a never-ending process. The production of goods by our society inevitably has a negative environmental impact, and therefore for as long as we produce, there is always room for further mitigation.

At the end of the day, I would love to say that I’ve left a net positive contribution on the planet and others, and if that’s you too then you’re already supporting the core motivation of Baroku. Not just to minimise our impact, but make our impact positive. I envisage a future where we live connected to our natural world - where the way we live is truly sustainable and serves to benefit society and our environment.

The only way forward is together so I'm keen to join the journey with you, make positive change, and have some fun along the way.

- Ben