Our Impact

Sustainability for us means to have a positive environmental impact and serve our local and global community in the long-run. Make quality stuff that has a positive impact on people and the planet.

The fashion industry is far from perfect. We're aware of this, and we always say the best purchase is no purchase at all. Even the most sustainable brands have some sort of negative impact, but we all wear clothes right? If you need some new stuff, why not get it from those who care.

Our strategies to positively impact:

The environment, society, and the people who make our clothes.

Meet our favourite fibers

All of our stuff is organic, recycled or regenerated. Healthier for farmers, makers and the planet.

Fairness all round

Everyone deserves a fair go. Our range is ethically sourced to ensure that the people who make them are paid a living wage, and a treated fairly no matter what gender.

Fair Go.png
Dabbling in circularity

You can recycle your old clothes and shoes in return for store credit... It's pretty cool. Check it here.

In-house eco printing

We screen print our products in-house by hand. We use eco-friendly, water-based screen printing inks (Permaset Aqua) and strategies to minimise our waste.

Check out who made your clothes...
Rigorous accreditation

We only work with suppliers that meet our very high environmental and social standards. Read more about them here.

Saying no to plastic

There's no arguing that plastic ain't good. We don't use it, and we're committed. Even the sticky tape we use for screen printing is compostable.

Conscious delivery

All of our products are shipped carbon neutrally (Sendle/Australia Post) in home compostable packaging.

Committed to transparency

We know who makes our clothes and where they come from. Check out your favourite product page to see more info or contact us.