Sustainability for us means to have a positive environmental impact and serve our local and global community in the long-run. Make quality stuff that has a positive impact on people and the planet. But beyond what we sell, we believe that we (like other businesses) have the power to create positive change in our local communities.

We feel a sense of responsibility for this and think that truly everyone needs to do their part to find our way out of this semi-s**t show we find ourselves in today. Have a read how we're doing our part.

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How we're making a positive impact
(beyond what we sell).

If you want to jump into the nuts and bolts of our positive impact check out here, but here's the main things we believe are most important:


This land was never ceded, a treaty has never been signed between First Nations Peoples and the government, and ultimately this land is stolen. We pay the rent each month recognising that we directly benefit from colonisation in our everyday lives in Victoria.

protecting our ecosystems

In partnership with the legends over at HalfCut, we protect a square metre of Australian rainforest with every purchase. The money raised is used for strategic land buyback which is returned to be managed by Traditional Owners. By doing so it protects/restores biodiversity and crucial forest habitat for threatened and endangered species whilst protecting Traditional Owners land titles.

Meet our favourite fibers

All of our stuff is organic, recycled or regenerated. Healthier for farmers, makers and the planet.

Fairness all round

Everyone deserves a fair go. Our range is ethically sourced to ensure that the people who make them are paid a living wage, and a treated fairly no matter what gender.

Fair Go.png
Designed with circularity in mind

Return your old clothes and shoes in return for store credit... It's pretty cool. Check it here.

In-house eco printing

We screen print our products in-house by hand. We use eco-friendly, water-based screen printing inks (Permaset Aqua) and strategies to minimise our waste.


rewilding australia

In partnership with Bush Heritage, a portion of our profits go towards their efforts to conserve our native flora and fauna. We are proud of this partnership as Bush Heritage play a key role in preserving and promoting biodiversity in Australia.

Rigorous accreditation

We only work with suppliers that meet our very high environmental and social standards. Read more about them here.

Saying no to plastic

There's no arguing that virgin plastic ain't good, so we don't use it at all - from our packaging to the tape we use screen printing.

Conscious delivery

All of our products are shipped carbon neutrally (Sendle/Australia Post) in home compostable packaging.

Committed to transparency

We know who makes our clothes and where they come from. Check out here or your favourite product page to see more info.


Our future goals.